Why My Amazon Sponsored Product Ads Campaigns Don’t Work.. A Few Ideas

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Ads Campaign Organization in wrong main category or sub category

Amazon has given seller categories to list their products and keywords match types for a reason – amazon definitely will limit your impression per search term if your product/s are in wrong categories, you need to check your categories sub-categories to maximize the chances of the right customer clicking the right ad when they enter the right query, at the lowest possible cost.

What can you do if have zero or few impressions of your product ads?

  • Are your right SKUs (not ASINs) winning the Buy Box?

 It doesn’t matter if you are the only one and if this is your private label product. Make sure that you are advertising the right SKU. If you have FBA and Merchant SKU per product and if your price for both SKUs are same or ver close you should know that you have to bid on FBA SKUs. Also  the sponsored product ads that are not winning the Buy Box will have a status of “Not in Buy Box.”

You should also know you won’t get the Product Page’s Buy Box if you are non- featured seller, it usually says on Buy Box;

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.30.11 PM

  • Add more SKUs and keywords to your ad group to increase the chance that customer searches will match your keywords and SKUs.

Did you check that your keywords are relevant to the SKUs in your ad group. To ensure a good customer experience, amazon doesn’t show ads that aren’t relevant to the consumer’s search. If you think your keywords are not relevant, you should definitely add more keywords.

Your bid may be too low? check that your maximum default bid and/or keyword bids are competitive. if you would like to check how your keyword bids compare to the marketplace average winning bids by going to Reports > Advertising Reports > Bid by Keyword Report.

Your campaign or ad group may be out of its daily budget? I hope you are selling and that’s the reason you are out of budget. you need to make sure your have some budget for the rest of the day otherwise reorganize your keywords and eliminate the unnecessary keywords.

Check the listings and content quality for your SKUs. Make sure each SKU has the correct content including a title, bullet points and description.

Failing to monitor, test and tweak.

Amazon sellers who let their Amazon Sponsored Product Ads campaigns run on autopilot will never get the full benefit of the campaigns. Anything can happen while you aren’t looking – your ads might fall off the first page, a competitor could ramp up, search trends might change, and so on. You need to stay on top of the beast.

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Maybe Amazon Sponsored Product AdWords Isn’t Right for Your Product

It must be said: Amazon Sponsored Product AdWords cannot benefit every product. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough people searching for what you’re selling.


At this time, amazon is not accepting new applications from sellers to advertise products within the Jewelry and Camera categories.

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