Selling on Amazon and Open a Seller Account

These days it’s not easy to start a business. But I will talk about one of the easiest way to start a business, create your brand and open a account to start selling on Amazon. Amazon and seller central’s tools make getting your new business started a snap. You can open a seller account + start a business and you can have your first product listing in few hours on amazon.

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  • The average monthly number of visitors to amazon in the United States. (As of September 2015) 188 million.
  • Amazon currently owns 10 percent of N. American E-Commerce.
  • Amazon’s average user spends around $189 while eBay’s just $39

Selling on Amazon - Open a Seller Account


  • Online consumers trust Amazon, even though they buy from third-party sellers. They trust the marketplace to check and control sellers and throw out the bad/untrustworthy ones and also they trust the amazon marketplaces on the return policies.
  • 44% of online shoppers go directly to Amazon for product searches

Who can sell on amazon?


However there are few categories on Amazon that require approval after you open a account, you need to ask Amazon for permission to sell products which fall into those categories.

The reason to be gated for those categories because the products are vulnerable to counterfeiting. You must prove that you are buying and reselling those products from a brand owner, legitimate distributor or similar source.

Restricted – Gated Categories On Amazon US

  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Shoes & Handbags
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Beauty
  • Auto Parts
  • Grocery

You can find the answer of “How To Get Approval In The Restricted / Gated Categories On Amazon US

Let’s Open a Seller Account and Start Selling on Amazon

1. Getting Started : Amazon Selling Fees & How much does it cost to sell on amazon?

Monthly Fee:

$39.99 (even if you don’t list or sell anything, you have to pay this amount for your account to be active)

Amazon Selling Fees Per Category:
Amazon Sale Percentage Fees for most popular categories

%6: Personal Computers

%8: Camera and Photo1, Cell Phone Devices*, Consumer Electronics, Video Game Consoles

%12: 3D Printed Products, Industrial & Scientific (including Food Service and Janitorial & Sanitation)

%15: Amazon Kindle, Baby Products (excluding Baby Apparel),Beauty, Books,Clothing & Accessories, Furniture & Decor, Health & Personal Care (including Personal Care Appliances), Home & Garden (including Pet Supplies), Kitchen, Luggage & Travel Accessories, Music, Musical Instrument, , Office Products, Outdoors, Shoes, Handbags and Sunglasses, Software & Computer/Video Games, Sports,Toys & Games, Video & DVD, Video Games, Everything Else.

%20: Jewelry

2. The sales process on Amazon

As Professional Seller / Pro-merchant; Once you receive an order, you will receive from Amazon a notification e-mail. You do not need to manually remove sold items from your inventory in seller central. But you do manually adjust your quantities in inventory. That is not the case if you are using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) option.

You can review orders in your Seller Central Account. You can also print a packing slip and address label. Once you have sent the goods, you should enter the tracking number to the system if you are not using FBA. Amazon through your seller account communication, so that Amazon can initiate the payment.
In certain periodic times (mostly in every 15 days) Amazon deposits the purchase amounts (minus the selling and other fees) to seller’s bank account.


You can set your own shipping rates you charge Amazon customers. Don’t consider to make shipping a profit center because Amazon charges the sellers referral fees (pls see on the combined product price and shipping cost.

Open a Seller Account – Registration process:

You can easily can complete in under an hour. you will need couple of information you want to have in advance in order to streamline the process. We’ll explain here what you need to get registered on, the US marketplace. Here is what you need;

  • Legal business name, contact information (address {dont use PO Box}, phone number (Amazon might call you during the registration))
  • An email address (Ideally your company domain email), Make sure this email address is active because you will get important emails from Amazon immediately
  • A Credit card with a valid billing address
  • Tax identity information (your Social Security number or your company’s Federal Tax ID number). The registration process will continue with a detour to a “1099-K Tax Document Interview”for you to submit your information and to be verified.
Set Up Your Seller Profile

Now we can setup the your seller profile

Go to

In the top right corner, click on “Settings”, which will generate a drop-down list of options.

Account Info:

  • You can verify and edit here your contact information
  • You might consider to use a different Display Name rather than your legal name ( you might have multiple reasons to do so)
  • Return Information is important if you plan to use any Fulfillment by Amazon services.
  • Charge Method is IMPORTANT if you change any information here, your account may be put on hold for 24 hours while your new credit card number gets updated within Amazon’s systems. Call into Seller Support to speak with them.

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