I provide Amazon Advertising & Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Management Services & Amazon PPC training.

What’s included in Amazon Advertising & Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Management Services ?

  • Competitive Research & Competitive’s Keyword Discovery
  • Product Keywords Discovery and Selection
  • Amazon Campaigns and Sponsored Ads Creation & Submission
  • Optimizing Amazon Product Pages Content
  • Conversion Tracking
  • PPC Monitoring, Cost Management and Conversion Tracking
  • Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Campaign Improvement & Modification

The Amazon Sponsored Products Ads /Adwords program is a form of paid advertising and pay-per-click management for professional amazon sellers.

You pay to have your product pages ads displayed in sponsored ads area such as amazon search results page ONE. Amazon Sponsored program uses an auction to select which ads to display. Your amazon sponsored ads will ONLY be displayed IF

  • You are in the buy box
  • You’ve submitted a competitive bid
  • You choose the correct keywords/search terms
  • You choose the right categories for your products

Amazon sponsored links can be an effective way to place your amazon product pages at the first page of the amazon search results. usually getting your products to be found and noticed in amazon marketplace (especially new products) take time and it is a difficult challenge. This process (amazon Adwords campaigns) brings more impressions, clicks, visitor traffic and sales more importantly help you earn your spot/s on natural search results in amazon.

Sponsored Products are eligible for display in different ad placements at Amazon.com.  For example; below search results, on detail pages, and within the Amazon Stream (beta.)

Amazon sellers can bid on search terms (keywords) per product page or product line and through excellent keyword choices, effective management and tracking, you can maximize your performance and reduce your amazon Adwords cost per campaign.

amazon sponsored products ads

  • Amazon is still not accepting new applications from sellers to advertise products in the Jewelry category.
  • Amazon also doesn’t accept sponsored products ads for adult products, refurbished and used products.