How to compete with Chinese sellers on Amazon?

The Chinese sellers absolutely have a lot of advantages. Most of the world’s production is in China, so if a factory is going to sell on Amazon directly, they’re going to have lower costs. So, how to compete with Chinese sellers on Amazon

Almost 35% of top Amazon sellers are based in China. Amazon marketplace pulse has calculated this on the basis of a common average of five European Amazon marketplaces, namely the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

The share of Chinese sellers in Amazon USA is even higher, according to industry estimates.

Many Chinese Amazon sellers use FBA (Fulfillment on Amazon). Over 70% of Chinese sellers use fulfillment on Amazon. In comparison, the quota of FBA sellers from Europe is below 50%.

 compete with Chinese sellers on Amazon

Unfair shipping rates from China to FBA and/or directly to Customer

As you browse through the listings on Amazon or eBay it is almost impossible to imagine how cheaply Chinese companies are selling products for: iPhone covers for $5, simple kitchen gadgets for $10 with free shipping option.

The cost to ship a one-pound package from Georgia to Texas would run approx. $6; from Beijing to NYC: $3.65

It’s actually no secret as to how the Chinese are able to ship products abroad so cheaply. The reason/s is actually simple:

  1. Chinese sellers get massive subsidies for shipping overseas by the Chinese Government however it’s not only Chinese government these super low shipping rates are being also subsidized by the U.S. Postal Service.
  2. A 40 feet container will cost between $1,500 and $2,500. But Chinese postal service sends thousands of containers every day, , so you they can bring down the cost of a small parcel to a few cents.

To send a letter domestically; the rate of first class mail is 50 cents in US, not to mention higher prices to send anything heavier.

Tag: How to compete with Chinese sellers on Amazon. Strategies

  • Source Locally

The more local you shop the bigger the chance you can order smaller quantities. Another advantage is the fast delivery time, meaning you can reorder in a short time and you do not have to wait 8 weeks for a ship from China.

With this method you can also test products and later order in China if you are sure whether the effort is worthwhile.

Especially things like toys, food or wood products are often easier to shop in US because all directives are complied with. In China, it requires more effort and sometimes also discussions and costs to induce the supplier to comply with US guidelines.

  • Search niche suppliers & source niche products

If you still want to source in China, it makes sense to choose suppliers that produce more than just a product in your niche. So you can get better prices and maybe negotiate smaller MOQ. Your supplier would like to have the MOQ 300 pcs or even 1000 pcs but what if you like to try 5 products which your finances do not match.

But, if you’ve already established a relationship with this supplier through your first product, you can talk to him and ask if he’s getting a minimum order. So you say your budget would be $5000  and you would like to order that. Not a single product but smaller quantities of different items, but in total you pay as much as in a larger order.

Since the Chinese also like to work and grow with you in the long term, your chances here are quite good. I’ve already successfully used this tactic and it makes sourcing a lot easier as you have fewer manufacturers to communicate with. However, this does not mean you should put all the eggs in a basket, it is always advisable to find alternative manufacturers for the same product if one fails for some reason.

Avoid it, if at all possible:

  • Phone cases
  • phone accessories
  • Screen protectors
  • Or similar products
  • Don’t say “Amazon”

Don’t mention anything about Amazon or your online business plans, don’t ask them to ship the products to FBA

You can say that you are in cooperate gift business 🙂

  • Trademark Your Brand

Take advantage of the Amazon Brand Registry program. Create your brand-awarness and protect your product pages from unauthorized sellers.  Chinese competitors spend virtually nothing, have no strategy and have the same limited chance to succeed. If you are not competitively priced, and have nothing else will go for you but also low price is not going to make you succeed. Amazon is a search engine, you can offer your product/s even for $1 , no one will know until your product is visible and/or your brand-awarness is somewhere.

What do you bring to the party? And how does that differ from your Chinese competitors? How to compete with Chinese sellers on Amazon?

Boost your brand cache by making sure you have unique brand story that attracts Amazon customers who are looking at more than just sticker price.

  • Try to find a mid-size products

Please read again “Unfair pricing – Shipping from China to FBA or directly to Customer” part of this article “How to compete with Chinese sellers on Amazon” if you don’t understand the reason.

  • The oldest trick in the world:

Use Aliexpress instead of Alibaba to order just a few units and take a test. Don’t expect any profit.

The downside is this is against my branding suggestion, that you probably will not get customized items with your logo, only generic units without branding. But since it is only a first market test if the article is sold that should be enough. Alternatively, you can also attach stickers yourself or transfer the products into printed bags as soon as you have them in your hand.

On Aliexpress, you can often already order from a unit and so test different products at once. Later, you can easily scale because usually the same manufacturer also offers private label versions of this products.

  • Source your products from other countries

China is able to serve the majority of companies looking for overseas manufacturing. However, with many thriving big economies offers excellent products.

India, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Italy, South America.

  • Strive for better customer reviews on Amazon.

Customer loyalty is far more valuable in the long term. Better ratings that were legitimately earned have the added benefit of improving your product Amazon ranking in search results. With Amazon cracking down on fake reviews, this will matter in the long term.

  • Do research to increase your understanding of your customers needs from competitors product page reviews.

Use the information you gather to find the right products as well as to optimize your ads, titles, bullet points, descriptions and photos and to better serve your customers’ needs

  • Find products where the quality and craftsmanship matter to customers.
  • Offer superior customer service with a personalized touch, take advantage of the Chinese sellers’ language barrier.

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“Amazon Retail Marketplace”

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I was a 75 min. The New York Small Business Development Center (NY SBDC) workshop speaker on the topic of “Amazon Retail Marketplace” , adding value to around 175 Admin Staff & Business Advisors at the NY SBDC stuff training conference in HNA Palisades Conference Center. It was an excellent Amazon workshop.



Speaking requires many steps, the first is to feel the room, and set the intention  . The last was to receive a line full of people thanking me. Thank YOU everyone!.

Especially many thanks to;

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How to move from Vendor Express to Seller Central

Amazon is shutting down Vendor Express. It is time to move your Amazon business from Vendor Express to Seller Central.

vendor to sellerAmazon Vendor Express experiment only lasted for 3 years. Amazon says it will stop issuing order as May 21st and it will end the program entirely on January 2nd 2019. Vendor Express was one of its wholesale programs that made it for merchants to sell to Amazon in bulk. It was also the gateway to Vendor Central.

When you move your Amazon business from Vendor Express to Seller Central, you can continue leveraging Amazon’s fulfillment capabilities, customer service, logistics, customer service by using FBA option. Don’t worry about the inventory issues. FBA is flexible program and it doesn’t have a minimum unit limitation per SKU, even a single unit can be sent to FBA.

You can take advantages of Amazon UPC account’s rates and ship your product to Amazon FBA warehouses and your products will be still prime.

You can continue using your sponsored product ads, Headline Ads to advertise and promote your products, you can have many other additionally advantages like ;

  • EBC (Enhanced Content Pages) after Amazon brand registry
  • Cross Promotions

How can you transfer your existing products from Vendor Express to Seller Central?

You don’t need to start from scratch, You can sell the same products from seller central account as well under same listings after you create your seller central inventory. You won’t lose any product reviews, or ranking . Do not create new listings unless if you have any other page issue or reseller issue.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any question:

(646) 431-0151 /

Amazon’s Response for “Amazon is Shutting Down Vendor Express” Question:

Greetings from Amazon,

Thank you for contacting us.

I understand you are contacting us about Vendor Express deprecation.

I would like to inform you that, Yes, Amazon Vendor Express is going away.

This is because we constantly evaluate our programs to ensure we are always improving the selling experience on Amazon; Businesses who have been using Vendor Express will be transitioned to alternative ways to sell on Amazon.

Beginning May 21, 2018, Amazon will stop issuing purchase orders through Vendor Express and you will no longer be able to add, edit, or market your products on Vendor Express. However, you can submit your invoices to us until June 30, 2018. You will still be able to view payments and invoices until January 1, 2019, when Vendor Express becomes permanently unavailable. We will contact you with more details shortly.

I hope the above information helps.

Some of our recent Amazon Product Page Optimization

Amazon SEO Projects and Results

You can see here some of our customers’ Amazon Product Page Optimization results and current page positions in Amazon product page optimization results.

Amazon Product Page Search Result

Amazon Product Page Optimization – Amazon SEO per Product

Search Term: Chaga

  • Time: 2 Months
  • Product: King Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract
  • Previous Position: 6th Page of Amazon Product Page Optimization – Amazon SEO result
  • Current Position: The Product Page is in 1st Page of Amazon Search results (#2 after the sponsored products)

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 9.35.53 PM

  • Search Term: Foot Care Kit
  • Time: 2,5 Months
  • Product: Next Gen Foot Care Kit
  • Previous Position: N/A
  • Current Position: The Product Page is in 1st Page of Amazon Product Page Optimization – Amazon SEO (#1 after the sponsored products)

How to Rank in Amazon

  • Search Term: Krill Oil
  • Time: 3 Months
  • Product: Sky Nutritionals, Premium Antarctic Krill Oil
  • Previous Position: N/A
  • Current Position: The Product Page is in 1st Page of Amazon Product Page Optimization – Amazon SEO (#14 after the sponsored products)

Rank your product on amazon

  • Search Term: Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
  • Time: 3 Months
  • Product: Natural Whitening Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
  • Previous Position: N/A
  • Current Position: The Product Page is in 1st Page of Amazon Product Page Optimization – Amazon SEO (#5 after the sponsored products)

Amazon Product Ranking

Ranking the product in amazon

Amazon Product Page SEO

How can you optimize your Amazon Product Page Optimization Result

Competitor Analysis:

  • Prices
  • Sales Volume
  • Product Page Content,
  • Search Terms
  • Reviews
  • Sponsored Product Ads Campaigns

Content Management Optimization

  • Listing Audit + Errors Corrections
  • Search Terms Research and Optimization

Special Product Page Content Strategy & EBC Page Creation

 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Amazon Sponsored Ads Management Amazon Adwords Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook and more
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Traffic Management
  • Amazon Mobile Page Optimization, Amazon Mobile Page SEO



Case Study – Amazon Product Page SEO Project

I was involved with an Amazon Product Page SEO project for a company with high-end anti-aging beauty product. The company  had previously experienced bad amazon consultation and decided to move the project to a different direction.

amazon product page SEO 1

Amazon Product Page SEO project has been planned and executed. After several weeks of operating the page under the new Amazon Product Page SEO and Ranking Strategies.


At the time of getting involved in the project, the objectives were clearly apparent:

  • Increase organic search result in Amazon per main search term (Anti-aging Kit).
  • Improve rankings across a large number of high volume search terms including different variations of the main search term (Anti aging kit etc.)
  • Create Amazon Sponsored Product Adwords campaigns and increase conversion rates and improve amazon revenue.
  • Strictly avoid any unnecessary Amazon Product Page SEO procedure which could incur amazon penalties.

SEO Strategy

After performing a comprehensive on-page Amazon Product Page SEO audit, as well as performing in depth search term and competitor analysis, a strategy was formed. Some of the main parts of the strategy involved:

  • Re-write titles, descriptions and bullet points & Images optimization.
  • Fix search terms issues
  • Implement new content marketing strategies.
  • Implement off-site optimization technics.
  • And more…


  • Organic traffic increased, client’s Amazon Product Page is now IN FIRST PAGE and #1 in amazon search results for search term”Anti-aging Kit”
  • Significant Page amazon search result rankings were achieved including ‘anti aging kit’
  • Daily amazon revenue increased 2500% even the product is 3 times more expensive than competitors

amazon product page SEO 2

One of Our Amazon SEO Project

We executed another Amazon SEO project.

In the beginning of the project our goals were:

  • Increasing sales of the product on
  • Increasing the Amazon product page rankings on
  • Increasing traffic through newly developed Amazon SEO strategies

We implemented a carefully planned strategy to build on the content creation work we had previously done for out other clients. This included adding and optimizing fresh content in expanded product titles, search terms, bullet points, descriptions and other areas.

Today, we are seeing great success and I am so proud to be part of my amazon team

We strongly believe  the investments in Sponsored Product Ads and as a amazon seller it’s easier to predict how the product sales will react next month on the dollar invested today. however Amazon product page SEO Project is also important and we know that amazon SEO caused by the direct response effect of excellent content, correct strategies and search terms.

If your amazon product’s been selling well, amazon will respect your high engagement rate and reward it with better amazon rankings. But if you have a track record of selling little, your record is deadweight.

Our Amazon SEO project result

Amazon SEO 1

AMAZON WARNING : TOO MANY ORDERS FOUND ! It’s good to have such a problem 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 5.49.45 PM

1160% INCREASE   Brilliant job! and excellent amazon SEO project execution.


seller central consultant germany


Best Store Ever

Amazon Türkçe?

Amazon Türkçe; Başlangıçta (1994) bir internet kitap satış sitesi olarak kurulan amazon bugün sanal raflarındaki milyonlarca ürünle dünyanın en büyük online satış sitesi konumundadır. Tüketicilere sunduğu düşük fiyat, kullanım kolaylığı ve profesyonel uygulamaları bugünkü şöhretini ve popüleritesini yakalamasindaki temel faktörlerdir. Internette yapılan toplam ürün aramalarının %44’u amazon siteleri üzerinden yapılmaktadır.


Dünyanın en büyük online alışveriş sitesi, aynı zamanda firma yada kişilerin (3 şahısların / Dış distribütör) hesap açarak satış yapabileceği bir online pazar konumundadır.

Amerika haricinde Amazon Almanya, Amazon Ingiltere, Amazon Fransa olmak üzere dünyanın bir çok ülkesindeki siteleri ve birebir lojistik sistemleri kullanarak şirketlere online ticaret imkanı sağlamaktadır, bulunduğu ülkelerin en büyük en büyük sanal pazarı konumundadır.

Tüketiciye sunmuş olduğu satıcı ve ürün denetimi, iade olanakları, ödeme kolaylıkları ve üyelik ağıyla, hem tüketicilere hem de satış yapan firmalara sunduğu hızlı kargo hizmeti ile dünyanın en güvenilir e-ticaret sitesi haline gelmiştir.

Bu sitede Amazon Türkçe bilgilere ulasabilirsiniz


Amazon’da Satış NasıI Yapılır?

Amazon’da satış yapmak artık her firma ve atılımcı için çok kolay;

12 senedir Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nde yerli ve yabancı firmalara Amazon’da (ABD, Ingiltere, Almanya, Fransa vb) satış, amazon satıcı hesabı açımı, kategori satış izni alımı, ürün sayfası ve envanteri yaratma, ürün sayfa optimizasyonu (SEO), reklam ve promosyon kampanyaları yönetimi, depolama, FBA, kargolama konularında danışmanlık ve proje yönetimi hizmeti vermekteyiz. Dünya’da su ana kadar amazon tarafından resmi olarak kabul görmüş tek “Yetkili ve Onaylı Amazon Danışmanı” olarak bize duyulan güvenden gurur duyuyoruz.


Amazon danışmanlık ve proje yönetimi servisleri haricinde , A.B.D’de geleneksel ticaret ve diğer e-ticaret bağlantılarının kurulması, şirket ve markalaşma konularında firmalara destek veriyoruz.

A.B.D’nin en büyük parekendecilerinden WALMART, COSTCO, KOHL’S, TJ-MAX gibi 30’dan fazla doğrudan satıcı hesaplarına erişim sağlamaktayız.


İletişim Bilgilerimizi Sayfa Sonunda yada Ana Sayfada Bulabilirsiniz

Amazon’da Satış



Amazon Sanal Pazarları, internet üzerinden diğer ülkelerde satış yapmak isteyen ama özellikle websitesi tasarımı,web sitesi yönetimi, müşteri hizmetleri, depolama, kargolama, reklam, pazarlama zorlukları çeken firmalar ve markalar için en güvenli ve kolay çözüm olarak gözükmektedir. Çok az bir bütçeyle hali hazırda milyonlarca Amazon müşterilerisine (2015 ABD Amazon / 304 milyon kullanıcı) ulaşılmaktadır.

Amazon aynı zamanda, bu ülkerlerde ilk defa pazara açılacak olan firmlarin / markaların ticarete başlaması, büyük bir kitleye ulaşması, ve diğer satış kanallarınca (perakende,toptan satış, tv satış) fark edilmesi açısında büyük rol oynar, Marka bilinirliğini artırması açısında çok güçlü bir faktör olarak ele alınmalıdır. Amazon’da yeni fiyatlandırma modelleri veya mal grupları da test edilebilir.

Bunun yanında bir ürünü yada markası olmayan yatırımcılar da, çok düşük maliyetli yatırımlarla kendilerine ticaret olanakları sağlayabilirler, Türkiye, Avrupa yada Uzakdoğu’dan tedarik edilecek ürünlerle kendi markalarını yaratabilirler yada ABD, Almanya, Ingiltere gibi ülkelerdeki toptancilardan ürün sağlayarak çok kısa bir sürede Amazon’da ticarete başlayabilirler.



Amazonda bir kaç farklı satış yöntemi / hesap çeşiti vardır

Seller (Dış Distribütör)

  • Kişisel hesaplar
  • Profesyonel hesaplar

Vendor (İç Distribütör)

  • Vendor Central
  • Vendor Express

Amazon’da satış yapan yaklaşık üç milyona yakın “Dış Distribütör” bulunur. Dış distribütör (seller) ve iç distribütör (vendor) tanımlarını daha sonraki yazılarımızda daha sık göreceksiniz.

Dış Distribütör (Amazon Seller Hesabı):

Satıcı (seller) hesabı açarak, kendi ürün sayfalarını yaratır, fiyat ve depo yönetimini kendi elinde bulundurur. 15 günlük periyodlarda satılan ürünlerin ödemeleri (gerekli masraflar alındıktan sonra) banka hesaplarına yatırılır.

Aşağıda Amazon tarafından Dış Distribütör’lerden ürün satışı sonrası satış fiyatı üzerinden kesilen komisyon oranlarını görebilirsiniz:

  • %6: Kişisel Bilgisayar
  • %8: Fotoğraf Makinası, Kamera, Cep Telefonları, Elektronik, Video Oyun Konsülleri
  • %12: 3D Baskı Ürünler, Endüstriyel Ürünler
  • %15: Bebek Ürünleri (Bebek Giysileri Hariç) ,Güzellik Malzemeleri, Kitap, Giyim ve Aksesuar, mobilya ve Dekor, Sağlık ve Kişisel bakım Ürünleri, Ev ve Bahçe Ürünleri, Evcil Hayvan Ürünleri, Mutfak Eşyaları, Valiz ve Diğer Seyahatle ilgili Ürünler, Musik Aletleri, Ofis Malzemeleri, Ayakkabı, El Çantaları ve Güneş Gözlükleri, SOtfware, Bilgisayar Oyunları, Video ve DVD, ve Diğer.
  • %20: Kuyum, Altın vb

Bu kategorilerin bazılarında satış, özel izne tabidir

  • Otomotiv
  • Güzellik
  • Giyim
  • El Sanatları
  • Bakkal & Gurme Yiyecekler
  • Sağlık ve Kişisel Bakım
  • Takı
  • Bagaj ve Seyahat Aksesuarları
  • Büyük Ev Aletleri
  • Cinsel Sağlık
  • Ayakkabı, Çanta ve Güneş Gözlüğü
  • Video, DVD, ve Blu-ray
  • Saat
  • Şarap

İç distribütör (Amazon Vendor Hesabı):

Bir tür toptancı hesabıdır, Amazon’dan gelen siparişe istinaden daha önceden anlaşılan toptan satış fiyatı üzerinden ürünler amazona gönderilir, satışı yapan , satış fiyatına karar veren amazondur, 90 günlük periyodlarda firmaya ödeme yapılır.

Direk olarak vendor olmak mümkün değildir her hangi bir başvuru kabul edilmez, Vendor’luk (İç distributor’luk ) davetiye ile mümkündür, bir kaç sene önce amazon vendor express adı altında ara çözüm sunmuş ve vendor olmak isteyen firmalara kendilerini ürünlerini tanıtma fırsatı vermiştir.

Her iki distribütörlüğünde kendilerine göre avantaj ve dezavantajları olmakla beraber genelde tercih edilen “Dış distribütörlüktür” (seller).

Danışmanlık Ücreti:

Genellikle bir kaç soru ile başlayan ama gittikçe derinleşen konularda, ciddi  çaba ve talepleri daha rahat değerlendirebilmek 1 saatlik bir paket program geliştirdik.

1 saatlik Amazon danışmanlık ücretimiz $145 dir, ($145 minimum ücretlenme olup, ödeme görüşme öncesi yapılmaktadır).

Bu görüşme sırasında aşağıdaki başlıklar altında bilgiler verilecektir;

  • Firmanız, ürün gamı, hedefleriniz, Amazon ABD, Ingiltere, Almanya, Fransa gibi pazarlar hakkında bilgiler.
  • Lojistik; depolama, kargo, gümrük vb konular.
  • Amazonda profesyonel satıcı hesabı açımı yada mevcut hesap analizi, kategori satış izni
  • Reklam ve promosyon kampanyaları hakkında değerlendirmeler.
  • Online rekabet & rakip ürün/firma analizleri
  • Ürün sayfası içeriği ve SEO (Arama motoru optimizasyonu) seller central hesabı hakkında sizden gelecek sorular. amazon satışlarının artırılması için öneriler
  • Diğer e-ticaret (ebay, rakuten, Zulily, Groupon vb) yada Amerika’da offline ticaret fırsatlarının değerlendirilmesi multi-channel entegrasyon hizmetleri.

Görüşmemiz ve analizlerimizin ardından, talebiniz halinde detaylı bir plan ve teklif ile size geri dönülecektir.

İletişim Bilgilerimiz:

Tlf: 001 (646) 431-0151


Skype: do.shhirth