One of Our Amazon SEO Project

We executed another Amazon SEO project.

In the beginning of the project our goals were:

  • Increasing sales of the product on
  • Increasing the Amazon product page rankings on
  • Increasing traffic through newly developed Amazon SEO strategies

We implemented a carefully planned strategy to build on the content creation work we had previously done for out other clients. This included adding and optimizing fresh content in expanded product titles, search terms, bullet points, descriptions and other areas.

Today, we are seeing great success and I am so proud to be part of my amazon team

We strongly believe  the investments in Sponsored Product Ads and as a amazon seller it’s easier to predict how the product sales will react next month on the dollar invested today. however Amazon product page SEO Project is also important and we know that amazon SEO caused by the direct response effect of excellent content, correct strategies and search terms.

If your amazon product’s been selling well, amazon will respect your high engagement rate and reward it with better amazon rankings. But if you have a track record of selling little, your record is deadweight.

Our Amazon SEO project result

Amazon SEO 1

AMAZON WARNING : TOO MANY ORDERS FOUND ! It’s good to have such a problem 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 5.49.45 PM

1160% INCREASE   Brilliant job! and excellent amazon SEO project execution.


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