Who is this amazon expert?

I am an amazon expert. I help amazon account owners to optimize their amazon accounts and product pages for A9 search engine.

I use my expertise to add value, discover my client’s niche and find cost effective ways to drive traffic and increase conversions.

Before working as an amazon expert , I have worked for several years as an e-commerce manager on the different e-commerce companies.

My Life As an Amazon Consultant;

If I look back on my life, and if I asked myself what I would be doing now, I am sure I wouldn’t say “Amazon Expert”, I probably would have to say working in travel industry somewhere in Turkey or Malta or sales manager in NYC, however working in my own business as an Amazon Consultant is a real dream come true.

There is never a typical day in the life of a consultant, every single day is different, I have no idea what kind of emails will come in, what kind of questions will be asked. Helping people take their amazon business to the next level is fantastic, and seeing people are getting exited when they see their products are doing great is incredible experience however it’s also not the easiest lifestyle.

Product sourcing came part of my service, some of my clients are telling me that they would like to be in amazon business but they don’t know what to sell or brand some of them consider the extremely competitive products, I work with anything however there are still well designed and niche products out there, why copy someone else? So I travel to find those products. Traveling is part of my life, seeing new cities and meeting new people excellent but it’s not always OK especially if I am far way from my family.


Before Amazon & US

I was born and raised in Turkey. Before I come to US I received my degree in Travel Management. I worked at different tourism companies in Malta and Turkey for almost 10 years as German Tour Guide. I  found a chance to work in jewelry companies and online travel agencies. For more details connect with me on LinkedIn amazon expert   Currently I am trying to help my clients to develop comprehensive amazon business and make them see market insights to identify new opportunities for growth and also create  the strategies to build more profitable amazon account. My amazon consultancy includes brand strategy, customer relationship management, new product development, product portfolio and pages optimization , channel strategies, pricing  and sales + marketing strategies.

In my spare time

I am totally passionate about amazon, online marketing, playing guitar, having fun with my kids 1461058_10202923005097638_1866548158498101591_n

My Official Amazon Landing Page

I am prove to have my amazon landing page as 3rd part service provider.

Amazon certified consulting services



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