I am an U.S (NYC) based Amazon Consultant

Amazon Seller Central Expert, eBay Specialist and eCommerce Manager with 12 years experience. I consult companies and individuals with pricing, listing strategies, sales and marketing of products on marketplaces like Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and other countries with amazon marketplace as well as eBay and Walmart. I provide specific service on Amazon SEO on the Amazon product search engine.

I am also the author of the book "Selling on Amazon for Dummies"

I analyze, review and tell my clients what needs to be don, also execute projects for amazon sellers.

My Consultant Status Officially Recognized by Amazon and I am authorized to log-in to multiple seller accounts.

Some of my Amazon Consulting Services:

• Amazon Business Design & Implementation
• Project Management
• Seller Central Account Management & Audit
• Product Management
• Product Marketing & Amazon SEO
• Amazon Sponsored Products Ads (PPC) Audit, New Campaign Creation and Management
• Competitor Research & Analysis
• Inventory Management
• Brand Protection
• Software & Strategy Selection
• Amazon Product Sourcing

I currently offer 15 minutes free consultation if you like to test my knowledge and learn more about me.

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Product Page SEO

Amazon FBA

eBay Consultation

Online Trade, Product Sourcing

Multi-Channel Marketplace Integration

Amazon Consultant – Seller Central Consulting Services

Amazon Seller Central Consultation Services

amazon consultant

Amazon Consulting Expert for US, Canada and EU

I am currently working as self-employed amazon consulting expert / seller central account consultant. I don’t ONLY provide consultation, I also execute the projects, manage clients accounts and give training to our clients on Amazon U.S.A, Canada and EU Seller Central.

About my amazon consulting services ;

Business & Process Development, Training & Consulting for Small / Medium size companies as well as Internet Start-ups Operations on amazon and using Marketplace Optimization Technics to identify and improve signal performance a company will receive preference, resulting in increased exposure (sales) on amazon marketplace.

  • Amazon Product Listing Services

As an Amazon Consulting Expert, I offer quick and accurate amazon product uploading service for individual or bulk product listing (with Parent/Child variation). We have experience also on periodically amazon product feed management, amazon category templates (Jewelry, Shoes and more), uploading process, error management, translation for Germany, France, Italy , amazon product content optimization (titles, bullet points, descriptions and more), search term optimization, image optimization and image corrections (Background cleaning), 3D image creation, category corrections and represent the the right product with right data attributes and specifications for Amazon pages and amazon sellers. 

You can see more information below or if you click the link 

  • Competitor Analysis

What the competitors are selling?
Which products are they fulfilling in amazon (FBA)?
What is the weekly/monthly sales volume of the competitor’s SKU?

  • Account Health Optimization / amazonsellercentral Account Monitoring
  • FBA Expertise / FBA Services: Amazon Fulfillment Center (FBA ) inventory and Shipping Management for Amazon US, UK, CA, Germany, France as well as for eBay & and other marketplaces
  • Multi-Channel Marketplace Integration (Website, eBay, Amazon, project Management.
  • Software and Platforms Consultation; Amazon related software and platforms like; Channeladvisor, Ordoro, Sellecloud, Sellerengine, Ixtens, Arcust , Linnworks, Turbolister, Inkfrog, Listing, & T-Hub, Appeagle, Channelmax Repricing Softwares
  • Facebook & Other Social Media Marketing and Optimization
  • Amazon Seller Central Europe & Canada Consulting
  • Research & Amazon Product Scraping
  • Product Pricing and Re-pricing Solutions
  • Google Ad-words and Social Media Marketing – Facebook Ad-words Management for Amazon Products

Amazon Consultant
As a speaker in amazon conference

We should all know that there is no a single solution make the product/s sell thousands in short time and/or there is no one-size-fits-all approach for any other amazon marketplace tasks/issues. As an amazon consultants; our goal is making amazon profitable, one strategy at a time and long term solutions

Please always test your amazon consultant knowledge.

seller central expert

Official Amazon Consultant Page - Deniz Olmez

How can you find a quality amazon consultant and how to avoid the big ripoff?


Over the past few years, I’ve had several discussions with our clients / amazon sellers , I discussed the term of a “amazon consultant”, several times I have heard from amazon sellers that are struggled to find out their amazon consultants abilities. People in amazon consultation industry are numerous and it’s hard to measure the knowledge and quality especially if you are new in the market.

Few Signs They Are Not the Amazon Consultants They Claim To Be

Does your amazon consultant login to multiple seller accounts accounts?

Please make sure that the consulting company has amazon’s permission to login to multiple Seller Accounts.

Ask them to PROVE IT!

Changing IP addresses with VPN or similar solutions won’t be enough. your seller account can be related to another account, operating and maintaining multiple Seller Central accounts is prohibited. You may lose your account especially if any of the other account has any issues.

Inability to Explain Clearly:
Please look for another amazon consultant immediately if you ever hear something like, “Just trust me; It’s too technical, complicated and you wouldn’t understand what I am doing”. Yes there are a lot of details but it’s not a rocket science. It’s easy to explain.

Too Good to Be True:
Beware Amazing Promises. It will take for you to begin to profit from your investment in Amazon and you have a lot of competition, and similar exiting products. It will take time to reach to certain position  and sales numbers.

You can download the services as a pdf file here: Deniz Olmez – Amazon Consultant.pdf 

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Amazon Seo Services & Amazon Product Ranking


Amazon Product Pages SEO

Amazon Product Pages SEO (Amazon SEO) is creating the best position of account/products pages in relation to your competitors (IN Page and/or OUT Page) on a specific product listing and with amazon product keywords/search terms. Amazon SEO and Amazon Product Pages Ranking is a race against your competition and when your amazon product page isn’t performing there must be good reason for concern.

Our goals are simple;

  • Create the best positions for your product pages / per search in amazon search results.
  • Get Ranked Higher systematically
  • Generated amazon customer traffic that is motivated to buy

Amazon Product Pages SEO Services

Amazon Product Pages Seo

I provide Amazon Product Pages SEO Services (amazon search engine optimization consulting services) to ensure that your product pages reach their amazon marketing goals. As a amazon consulting expert; I suggest ideas and SEO strategies that are intended to be implemented over both the short and long term to help you create and maintain a successful amazon search engine marketing campaign. As an amazon SEO expert; I give you the knowledge and also execute the on behalf of you. Amazon Product Pages SEO Services / Amazon Product Page optimization is becoming increasingly important for private label companies as well as brand owners. The ranking algorithms include many factors which are unpredictable and different than google search engine optimization. You pages  require full time attention and customized care of a Amazon SEO consultant.

Planning and Analyzing

Amazon SEOAs an Amazon consultant and Amazon SEO Expert with my Search Engine Optimization Audits, I first talk with you and discuss your industry, products, customers, competitions, I will identify the opportunities and issues; I’ll  examine the content (titles. bullet points, descriptions, bullet points), on-page and off-page elements and your competitors, and deliver the amazon SEO services for your amazon marketplace success. We can call this first step in our SEO process as the discovery phase. We will cover together the existing obstacles that may hinder your amazon  product pages visibilities in organic search results.

Amazon Product Page Search Terms / Keyword Research

Amazon SEO Consultant

I will help you to find the valuable keywords (with our custom made softwares) for your amazon product pages for ranking high in amazon marketplace. This process data mines can be done also on your existing product pages and/or your competitors product pages, We use multiple custom made softwares for this process, We also analyze the current position of every single child SKU per search term and monitor their position during the project.

Execution and Optimization

After completing our amazon product page SEO audit we’ll discuss our findings with you. we begin our tailored solutions and content optimization for your amazon product pages. Our optimization process is performed in amazon guidelines so as not negatively effect your product page current rankings.

amazon product SEO

Amazon Sponsored Adwords: We help amazon sellers to increase amazon costumer traffic to your page and increase conversions, turning visitors into buyers. I manage & develop Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns for amazon sellers accounts and helping to increase ROI through powerful and affordable sponsored ads.

Sales Traffic and Amazon Product Reviews Optimization: We bring more reviews and sales traffic to product pages by using the specific unique promotions

Cross promotions: We create cross promotions between products, we bring the traffic from well selling product pages to less selling or new product pages.

amazon seo expert

With over 12 years of amazon SEO service experience, we have the knowledge and tools to increase your site’s organic rankings. We offer a transparent approach to amazon marketing success through sound Amazon product page SEO advice that produces quantifiable, measurable and dependable results for our clients in U.S.A and around the world. Discover more about how our amazon SEO services can grow your amazon marketplace visibility and drive your amazon revenues… Our Amazon SEO service provides research, analysis and recommendations for all amazon product pages, but especially for those having difficulty with their Amazon Search Engine visibility.

Some of our recent Amazon Product Page Search Result Optimization Projects and Results

You can see here some of our customers’ Amazon Product Pages previous and current page positions in Amazon product page search result (All).

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Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Management Services

I provide Amazon Advertising & Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Management Services & Amazon PPC training.

What’s included in Amazon Advertising & Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Management Services ?

  • Competitive Research & Competitive’s Keyword Discovery
  • Product Keywords Discovery and Selection
  • Amazon Campaigns and Sponsored Ads Creation & Submission
  • Optimizing Amazon Product Pages Content
  • Conversion Tracking
  • PPC Monitoring, Cost Management and Conversion Tracking
  • Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Campaign Improvement & Modification

The Amazon Sponsored Products Ads /Adwords program is a form of paid advertising and pay-per-click management for professional amazon sellers.

You pay to have your product pages ads displayed in sponsored ads area such as amazon search results page ONE. Amazon Sponsored program uses an auction to select which ads to display. Your amazon sponsored ads will ONLY be displayed IF

  • You are in the buy box
  • You’ve submitted a competitive bid
  • You choose the correct keywords/search terms
  • You choose the right categories for your products

Amazon sponsored links can be an effective way to place your amazon product pages at the first page of the amazon search results. usually getting your products to be found and noticed in amazon marketplace (especially new products) take time and it is a difficult challenge. This process (amazon Adwords campaigns) brings more impressions, clicks, visitor traffic and sales more importantly help you earn your spot/s on natural search results in amazon.

Sponsored Products are eligible for display in different ad placements at  For example; below search results, on detail pages, and within the Amazon Stream (beta.)

Amazon sellers can bid on search terms (keywords) per product page or product line and through excellent keyword choices, effective management and tracking, you can maximize your performance and reduce your amazon Adwords cost per campaign.

amazon sponsored products ads

  • Amazon is still not accepting new applications from sellers to advertise products in the Jewelry category.
  • Amazon also doesn’t accept sponsored products ads for adult products, refurbished and used products.



Selling on Amazon – Open a Seller Account

Selling on Amazon and Open a Seller Account

These days it’s not easy to start a business. But I will talk about one of the easiest way to start a business, create your brand and open a account to start selling on Amazon. Amazon and seller central’s tools make getting your new business started a snap. You can open a seller account + start a business and you can have your first product listing in few hours on amazon.

Let’s learn more on “selling on amazon”


  • The average monthly number of visitors to amazon in the United States. (As of September 2015) 188 million.
  • Amazon currently owns 10 percent of N. American E-Commerce.
  • Amazon’s average user spends around $189 while eBay’s just $39

Selling on Amazon - Open a Seller Account


  • Online consumers trust Amazon, even though they buy from third-party sellers. They trust the marketplace to check and control sellers and throw out the bad/untrustworthy ones and also they trust the amazon marketplaces on the return policies.
  • 44% of online shoppers go directly to Amazon for product searches

Who can sell on amazon?


However there are few categories on Amazon that require approval after you open a account, you need to ask Amazon for permission to sell products which fall into those categories.

The reason to be gated for those categories because the products are vulnerable to counterfeiting. You must prove that you are buying and reselling those products from a brand owner, legitimate distributor or similar source.

Restricted – Gated Categories On Amazon US

  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Shoes & Handbags
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Beauty
  • Auto Parts
  • Grocery

You can find the answer of “How To Get Approval In The Restricted / Gated Categories On Amazon US

Let’s Open a Seller Account and Start Selling on Amazon

1. Getting Started : Amazon Selling Fees & How much does it cost to sell on amazon?

Monthly Fee:

$39.99 (even if you don’t list or sell anything, you have to pay this amount for your account to be active)

Amazon Selling Fees Per Category:
Amazon Sale Percentage Fees for most popular categories

%6: Personal Computers

%8: Camera and Photo1, Cell Phone Devices*, Consumer Electronics, Video Game Consoles

%12: 3D Printed Products, Industrial & Scientific (including Food Service and Janitorial & Sanitation)

%15: Amazon Kindle, Baby Products (excluding Baby Apparel),Beauty, Books,Clothing & Accessories, Furniture & Decor, Health & Personal Care (including Personal Care Appliances), Home & Garden (including Pet Supplies), Kitchen, Luggage & Travel Accessories, Music, Musical Instrument, , Office Products, Outdoors, Shoes, Handbags and Sunglasses, Software & Computer/Video Games, Sports,Toys & Games, Video & DVD, Video Games, Everything Else.

%20: Jewelry

2. The sales process on Amazon

As Professional Seller / Pro-merchant; Once you receive an order, you will receive from Amazon a notification e-mail. You do not need to manually remove sold items from your inventory in seller central. But you do manually adjust your quantities in inventory. That is not the case if you are using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) option.

You can review orders in your Seller Central Account. You can also print a packing slip and address label. Once you have sent the goods, you should enter the tracking number to the system if you are not using FBA. Amazon through your seller account communication, so that Amazon can initiate the payment.
In certain periodic times (mostly in every 15 days) Amazon deposits the purchase amounts (minus the selling and other fees) to seller’s bank account.


You can set your own shipping rates you charge Amazon customers. Don’t consider to make shipping a profit center because Amazon charges the sellers referral fees (pls see on the combined product price and shipping cost.

Open a Seller Account – Registration process:

You can easily can complete in under an hour. you will need couple of information you want to have in advance in order to streamline the process. We’ll explain here what you need to get registered on, the US marketplace. Here is what you need;

  • Legal business name, contact information (address {dont use PO Box}, phone number (Amazon might call you during the registration))
  • An email address (Ideally your company domain email), Make sure this email address is active because you will get important emails from Amazon immediately
  • A Credit card with a valid billing address
  • Tax identity information (your Social Security number or your company’s Federal Tax ID number). The registration process will continue with a detour to a “1099-K Tax Document Interview”for you to submit your information and to be verified.
Set Up Your Seller Profile

Now we can setup the your seller profile

Go to

In the top right corner, click on “Settings”, which will generate a drop-down list of options.

Account Info:

  • You can verify and edit here your contact information
  • You might consider to use a different Display Name rather than your legal name ( you might have multiple reasons to do so)
  • Return Information is important if you plan to use any Fulfillment by Amazon services.
  • Charge Method is IMPORTANT if you change any information here, your account may be put on hold for 24 hours while your new credit card number gets updated within Amazon’s systems. Call into Seller Support to speak with them.

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Amazon FBA Expert

Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon Expert

AS AN Amazon FBA Expert; I AM providing my clients with a complete solution to their FBA Inventory and shippings requirements. I train, manage their FBA Inventory and FBA shipments in seller central accounts.

A Custom Strategy; When it comes to FBA, there is no one size fits all solution. I make sure that my clients come to us needing a process where they can control the direction of their business without facing the experimental costs on FBA. I help our clients set the strategy and then we implement the details and pursue the FBA goals. An Experienced Team Everyone in our organization is Amazon FBA Expert because I eat, live, and breathe Amazon. My investments in technology, research, training on developing cutting edge Amazon Expertise.

The Right Connections; Getting the job done in amazon often comes down to connecting the right people. I am ready to get quick and accurate answers to the more complex challenges in amazon and in fba issues. I am offering an affordable amazon fba solution for any size business

What is Amazon Fba?

what is fba

Amazon offers a service called Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA Amazon); Basically you ship your products to Amazon bulk and you store the products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, as orders are placed Amazon pick and pack, ship and even manage your customer returns on your behalf, they also provide certain level customer service. FBA amazon is also the excellent way for you to start amazon business to reach out prime users, for SEO, advertisement purposes.

What do you need to know about fba?

You need to know;

– The product restrictions for FBA amazon; what products are restricted from selling on Amazon, what products are prohibited from selling through FBA, and the requirements for hazard, expression date- and other temperature-sensitive products

– The requirements for FBA amazon product labeling (through seller central), packaging, and fba SKUs, inventory and shipping creation  and how to manage the sub-shipments and how to send your inventory to Amazon

– How customer product returns are handled for FBA orders and when you may be eligible for reimbursement.

You can increase your chances of winning the buy box with fba

To increase your chances of winning the Buy Box you should focus on price, availability, fulfillment (FBA) and customer service. Offer multiple shipping options on your products, including fba option. FBA prices even when higher generally x% will get the buy box over Merchant Fulfill prices.

Amazon FBA Centers





My Amazon Consulting Services

My Amazon Consulting Services

amazon-consulting-servicesI work with your team to elevate the effectiveness of your amazon business and programs. Today’s e-commerce and amazon environment can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned professionals. My team and I, we help businesses like yours overcome challenges and increase profits in amazon through our amazon consulting services.

As amazon experts , we help you build the right foundation, grow your existing business. Our amazon seller central consulting engagements span across companies of all shapes, sizes and verticals ranging from start-ups, manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors and investors.

Our Approach Data-driven decision-making; Based on ongoing analysis of amazon, our marketplace Index benchmarks key amazon 3rd party seller capabilities across customer touch-points.

Our Philosophy of Amazon; We identify and track marketing opportunities separately from regular amazon selling techniques. We understand that it is important to create right tactics and necessary strategies for: The growth of amazon marketplace traffic by source, such as organic amazon product pages and other marketing advertising channels like PPC ( Sponsored ads) .

Our process includes conference calls and web meetings, as well as meetings if you are in tri-state area. As an amazon

Amazon consulting can be an important asset and we are ready to ensure that you and your online business is always heading in the right direction. With the almost daily pace of change in amazon marketplace algorithm, rules and user expectations, it can be difficult to stay ahead while dealing with the day to day priorities of running a business. That ‘s why it is critical that you can turn to a team of experts who understand both proven amazon strategies and services.

Do You Need My Amazon Consulting Services?

I am offering custom made and unique amazon consulting services & solutions to my clients. My target is different than over-priced and/or non-experienced amazon consulting companies. I focus my consultation on client’s specific needs, issues, objectives, and also provide them opportunities like selling in other countries and amazon marketplaces.

My amazon consulting services target and ensure that your amazon business is always heading in the right direction. Every single page has their own micro businesses and issues, I can imagine that it can be difficult to stay focus while dealing with the day to day priorities of running a business. I provide solutions to specific challenges and situations and create “short-cuts” to results, I am ready to provide also experience, knowledge and information that does not exist, I am ready to answer realistic expectations.

Running an amazon business brings with it many different challenges. You might already have successful online store/s or an experience seller looking for new channel to continue your business success, our amazon consulting services can help.

Deniz Olmez – Amazon Consultant / Amazon Expert established Amazon Consulting Services in 2012 following 12 years experience with top e-commence platforms to help online and multi-channel retailers and brand manufacturers succeed on Amazon by analyzing competition, developing key marketing and advertising strategies and customizing business plans.

Please call and get more information about our amazon consulting services: (646) 431-0151


eBay Consultant

eBay Consultation Services

Freelance eBay Consultant


  • Creating and maintaining new product pages for eBay stores
  • Bulk Listing with Turbo Lister, eBay File Exchange and  Blackthorne
  • Providing SEO and SEM assistance and advice for company’s eBay products pages.
  • Data analytic and statistics of EBay Sales, Calculating price breakdowns, re-pricing the products, freight charges and discounts.
  • Managing new product launch projects which include marketing, email campaigns, visual merchandising, photography, copy, and training customer service representatives and resellers on the new products.
  • Creating product cross promotions
  • Finding and purchasing the best-selling products (Electronic, Accessories, Toys, Home and Garden Tools, Jewelry, Watches, Pet Supplies etc.) from China, Turkey, Germany and other European Countries.
  • Creating the best position of an account in relation to their competitors on a specific product listing.

Our Privacy Policy

Amazon Consulting Service Provider

Amazon Consulting Service Provider

I Am Proudly Official Amazon Service Provider

Towel Selections

Towel Selections

eCommerce & Amazon Consultant

InVitamin – #1 in Beauty Category

InVitamin – #1 in Beauty Category

Gem Stone King

Gem Stone King

Organic Power Products – Amazon Consulting Services

Organic Power Products – Amazon Consulting Services

Adam Tea

Adam Tea

Amazon Seller Central Consultant



Amazon Consultant

One of Amazon Supplement Works

One of Amazon Supplement Works

Amazon SEO & Amazon SEM



Amazon Consultant - Product Pages Optimization

Adventure Lion Dry Bags

Adventure Lion Dry Bags

Bling Jewelry

Bling Jewelry

Amazon Product Page Creations / Bulk Upload + Translation (25.000 Listings) and for Amazon France, Amazon Germany and Amazon Italy

Dec 18th, 2019

Vine Program for Amazon Sellers

Vine Program for Amazon Sellers     Launching a new product can be difficult, especially if your Amazon product page doesn’t have any customer reviews yet. Now we have the Vine Program for Amazon Sellers. Amazon Vine is a program to address this and helps the sellers gain critical reviews early on. This in turn… read more

Sep 30th, 2019

International e-Commerce and Turkish Brands

International e-Commerce and Turkish Brands Selling on the global e-commerce markets is a great option for growth-minded companies. For example; there are 312 millions Internet users in US and Internet penetration amounts to 80.3%. In terms of device usage, there are 257.3 millions smartphone users and smartphone penetration amounts to 77%. On a global scale, smartphones are being more… read more

May 25th, 2018

NY SBDC Amazon Workshop

NY SBDC Amazon Workshop “Amazon Retail Marketplace” So grateful for the invitation as a speaker. It was a great workshop, I tried to cover the following topics ECOMMERCE & AMAZON AAMZON PRODUCT SOURCING  AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL ACCOUNT CREATION & LISTING PRODUCTS / CREATING INVENTORY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT  FULLFILMENT & AMAZON FBA  MARKETING & ADVERTISING  AMAZON GLOBAL I was… read more